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at professional cleaning solutions.

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Vecotix continues as the Clean Solutions Group. The Clean Solutions Group joins forces with several progressive companies in cleaning solutions. The knowledge and expertise of Vecotix will be retained and further enhanced by the knowledge, expertise and facilities of the other companies. This combination ensures an even better experience in our cleaning solutions for you, the customer. Do you need your own private label line of cleaning products or do you prefer to use the products of our renowned brand Tix? The choice is yours!

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Keep your vehicles and machinery in top condition with our cleaning solutions for the industrial market. With our extensive knowledge, we offer high quality cleaners and degreasers for virtually any application.

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Several progressive companies have come together to form the Clean Solutions Group. Even more expertise, even more locations, even more facilities create even more clout. This assures you of the most sustainable and innovative cleaning solutions on the market. The Clean Solutions Group always feels a responsibility to provide you with the best experience as a customer. 

Continues as the Clean Solutions Group