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Clean Solutions Group employees are also enjoying the holidays! During this period we work with a smaller staff and modified opening hours. Please check our
contact page for the most recent opening hours and our telephone accessibility.

Sustainable and
safe products.

Sustainable choice

Guarantee of ultimate safe and ecological cleaning power by rewarding many products with the
EU Ecolabel.


Through ergonomic packaging, sustainable production & innovative sachets and tablets leading the ecological cleaning revolution.


Advice on the most efficient and economical composition for your product-specific and complete cleaning range.

Private label

Our high-quality products, your brand. Executed in your corporate identity. Our powerful cleaning formulas, your personal fragrance and color.

Why choose
Clean Solutions Group?

Clean Solutions Group is the leading platform for cleaning solutions in the institutional segment. Thanks to our fully equipped laboratory and years of experience, we are a leader in the research and development of institutional cleaning agents and chemicals.

Always the best solution for your situation


All segments of your hotel shiny and hygienically clean


Trust a hygienically clean kitchen and shiny glassware


Your accommodation perfectly clean after each party

Sauna & Wellness

Professional cleaning, hygienic clean and great smell

Sports facilities

From fitness equipment to plumbing, your entire accommodation hygienically clean

Office & Institution

A nice and clean workplace for your employees and visitors

Cleaning up your cleaning routine!

Sustainable and efficient

Meet the new generation of professional cleaning solutions: the Ecowise Cleaning Tabs! These handy tablets dissolve in water, making them the perfect solution for efficient and sustainable cleaning. Thanks to the compact form, you save storage and transport costs, while the EU Ecolabel and the sustainability of the cleaning tabs ensure that you contribute to a better world.

Creating your Clean Solutions

EU Ecolabel

Through a strong focus on quality and innovation, Clean Solutions Group has become a forerunner in the field of (private label) products with an EU Ecolabel. The only EU label that truly guarantees ultimate cleaning power. Our EU Ecolabel rated products are tested by an independent laboratory, after which it is scientifically proven that they are as strong or stronger than the market leader.

Discover us with
EU Ecolabel

award-winning range

Ecowise Degrease

Concentrated, environmentally friendly degreaser for professional kitchens. Great for hygienic cleaning of work surfaces that come into contact with food such as utensils, grills and pans.

Ecowise Sereno Dish Wash

Environmentally friendly, professional, liquid dishwashing detergent with hygienic performance. Suitable for all types of alkali-resistant dishes, all industrial dishwashers and for all water hardnesses.

Ecowise Window & Interior Cleaner

Professional, PH neutral, ready-to-use glass and interior cleaner suitable for cleaning windows, mirrors and other high-gloss surfaces. Leaves no streaks and dries quickly. 

Contact us for advice or a free quote

We are happy to help you with your cleaning challenges! Our experts are at your service with professional advice for the best cleaning and hygiene solution for your situation. Contact us today.

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